The Works

Lost Oblivion

Total darkness and I feel lost. So lost that I can't give up. A sudden light rushes towards me. It soon turns into two lights. When struck, I finally smile. Finally. I feel happiness. Such a glorious happiness. It feels so rejuvenating. So lovely. So beautiful. But as it runs me over and speeds off … Continue reading Lost Oblivion



I am a voice. I am a new personification. I am an alter ego. I am a mystery. And yet a nightmare at times. I am the darkness in their pencil. I am the moving shadow. I am a filler. I am a lover. I am a cuddler. And a listener. I am everything I … Continue reading Mortae

Dream Door

A door is open and we are let into a lit room. More doors surround us, each containing a small window. We curiously peak through the window. We see a whole different world outside. It looks inviting but unsure. After finaly picking a door we venture to the real world. The door slams shut. After … Continue reading Dream Door