The walls sure are dark.
This room is kind of creepy.
The wall looks like it has scales.
is there anything in here I can use?
I need something to get out.
What’s that hissing noise?
Oh my god, it’s a snake!
It’s coming towards me.
It won’t stop!
Ouch, it just bit me!
Oh my leg, it hurts.
I can feel it swelling up already!
Where did the snake go?
I can’t move my leg!
Ouch it hurts!
I have to sit down.
Help me!
My legs hurt, they’re going numb.
I can’t move!
My chest, it hurts!
My heart, I can’t move!
I can’t yell!
My heart hurts.


Part of a series I made in school called “Mansion Rooms”.


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