Living Walls

There is absolutely nothing in this room.
This isn’t going to help.
Great, the door is locked.
Oh man! It stinks in here.
It smells like something died.
What’s that on the wall?
It’s slowly sliding down.
Yuck, it’s like syrup.
What if it’s blood?
Okay, time to leave. Where!
There are no other doors.
It’s on that wall too!
It’s on all the them. They’re dripping!
The wall! There is blood dripping down the walls!
Now it’s on the floor! Is it coming towards me?
Why is blood oozing out of the walls?
It’s not stopping!
I’m going to drown in blood!
Help! Someone help me!
It’s not stopping!


Part of a series I made in school called “Mansion Rooms”.


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