Jeese it’s dark in here.
Oh good I feel a light switch.
It works… What the heck!
There are coffins everywhere!
As long as the dead bodies are not in them.
Oh man, the door is jammed.
There’s another door across the room,
across the coffins.
It’s okay. There isn’t any bodies.
There are just coffins scattered around,
scattered around the room. Right.
Okay I can make it.
Nothing has happened. See it’s okay.
Nothing will happen.
Something has my leg! Feels like a hand!
Get it off! What was that?
This is locked too!
What’s that? The coffins are opening!
They are all opening! the bodies are getting up!
They’re coming towards me!
Get away! It stinks.They stink!
There are dead bodies stumbling towards me!
Help me! Help me!
They’re closing in!


Part of a series I made in school called “Mansion Rooms”.


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