He finally breaks
the last straw.
Sending my anger
on a rampage.
It’s like a vaccine,
it flows through
my blood.
It seems to thicken
every second.
The knife would work.
As the knife slipped in
I could feel the resistance.
His body tried to
eject the invasion.
I pulled and stabbed
once more.
The pitiful man
finally realized and
turned around to struggle.
My anger was too deep.
I couldn’t stop myself.
I pushed him down
and tried for his neck.
I wanted to get it over with.
My only goal in life now
was to get rid of this pest.
I could only be satisfied
when I saw his limp
body on the floor.
And I was.
I watched the blood slowly
crawl across the floor.
I started to smile.
Until I felt the
sting in my arm.
I looked down to see
my own angry blood
flowing freely.
My head suddenly turned
to reality and I wondered
what I was going to do.



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