I used to write all the time, years ago. And one day, years later, I decided this might be a good spot to put all of those creative efforts to share with the world. For those interested anyways. So I’ve dusted off my old dusty tomes (quite literally, I sneezed and everything) of poetry and stories and I’m going to slowly start adding them to this website. Eventually I may start adding some new stuff too.

Most of what you may read here is mostly original work. I only edited a bit on the poetry (no titles, some punctuation). But the stories I definitely tried to clean up and make them easier to read. The idea as it was still stands though. I wanted the work to have it’s original feeling to them.

In fact this place won’t always be pretty. I can say that most of it may be a bit harsh and ugly. But you may learn a thing or two about me as well. Maybe even about yourself. I wore my emotions on my sleeves for most of this work, so just beware.

Welcome to a place where you can catch a glimpse of someone’s mind over the years. Will it be interesting? Probably. Sad? Scary? Funny? Maybe. Embarrassing? Most likely ;).

Subscribe so you can catch new posts. And a good place to start is here. Enjoy!


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